William Jenner Worthington Timeline

Date Event
1863 August 21 William Jenner Worthington born to William Worthington and Ellen Jenner Worthington in San Francisco CA.
1866 His brother, Albert Isaac, born, but dies at age 4.
1868 His brother, Edgar Kirk, born.
1877 William Worthington, his father, loses fortune in an economic depression.
1878 Young Will, 15, leaves school to go to work to help support the family.
1880 Ellen Jenner Worthington and her younger son, Edgar, move to Seattle.
1882 Young Will follows his mother to Seattle and soon gets a job.
mid-1880s Will buys a trading sloop and begins to sell groceries and provisions on Hood Canal.
late-1880s Will and his brother Ed assist their mother in staking a claim on 160 acres of old growth timberland on the Dosewallips River in Brinnon.
1890 Will and Ed build and open a mercantile store "WJ Worthington Groceries and Provisions" in Quilcene.
1892 February 4 Will Worthington and Grace Amelia Legg marry and begin their family:
1893 Grace
1894 Mariette
1896 William Jenner, Jr.
1900 Robert Edgar
1901 Harold Legg
1903 Norman Parker
1905 John Clinton
1909 Kenneth Taft
1903 Will begins buying timberland in Jefferson County and real estate in Seattle.
1907 Will sells his mercantile store to his brother Ed Worthington. He moves his family into the large Hamilton House. He helps to establish Quilcene Union High School.
1935 May 4 Grace Amelia Legg Worthington dies at home.
1936 February 28 William Jenner Worthington dies at home.

Ellen Worthington Jenner, September 7, 2021

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